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Veterans FAQs

1.  Why would a C&P examiner state that I don't qualify for PTSD because I don't meet Criteria A?

2.  Why was my case taken form my attorney and given to DAV?

3.  What should I do to get compensation for my grandsons?

4.  Does anyone know the status of the bill to give us guys and gals the recognition we deserve?

5.  Why was I denied compensation for PTSD, but given therapy for PTSD?

6.  If they cut compensation benefits in 2020 as planned, will I be cut off?

7.  How do I get a VA grant?

8.  Can I file a second appeal?

9.  My hearing problems have gotten really bad.  What are my options?

10.  Can I claim secondary compensation for hypertension?

11. How long does it usually take for a DRO review to be completed?

12.  What can be done to make both benefits and compensation more equitable at 90%?

13.  Why is the VA denying me treatment for my service-connected problems?

14.  How can I get help opening a new facility for veterans?

15.  How can I get help to keep from losing my house?

16.  How can stop the VA from forcing me to take on a fiduciary?

17.  Why won't the VA respond?

18.  Where can I get money to pay for school?

19.  Has anyone heard about the VA planning to take a veterans assets after the veteran passes away?

20.  Can I get disability compensation for my cancer?

21.  How do I get on the Ft. McClellan Health Registry?

22.  What can I do to prove my case?

23.  Why is it taking so long?

24.  Do I qualify for an increase?

25.  Do I qualify for $20,000 the VA is giving out?

26.  Am I eligible to fly Space A?

27.  Has anyone heard about the VA eliminating unemployability benefits when you reach retirement age?

28.  I have additional disabilities.  Am I entitled to more compensation?

29.  Am I missing any entitlements?

30.  What can I do to get the VA to compensate me for my injuries?

31.  How do I get reclassified in order to qualify for benefits?

32.  How do I get to 100% compensation?

33.  Anyone have suggestions to help me to get the VA to recognize my narcolepsy?

34.  Are there any exceptions for Blue Water Navy veterans?

35.  How can I get compensated for my hearing problems?

36.  Since senior veterans get priority service why haven't I received any answers?

37.  What information should I submit for an increase in my disability rating?

38.  I need suggestions for how to get an increase?

39.  What should I do to get a top ranking officer to pay child support?

40.  Could my disability be the result of Agent Orange exposure?

41.  What is the best way to connect my health conditions to my military career?

42.  I've begged the VA for help for over 20 years and so far nothing.  Can someone please help me?

43.  Any compensation for being struck by lightning?

44.  Who do I contact to get into the VA health care system?

45.  Did my time in Vietnam predestine me for Diabetes Type II?

46.  Why isn't the cancer I had not on the presumptive list?

47.  Is COPD and sleep apnea possible for disability compensation?

48.  Will I get back pay for the last 10 years?